Monday, August 30, 2010


I had only caught occasional glimpses of this handsome wingéd thing this summer. It would pop up from under the spider plant's flower stem if I moved too close to the pot, then just as quickly duck back to the underside. It's been out there on the deck railing for some time now. Finally I was determined to take a photograph.

If I hadn't taken the photos, I never would have noticed that face! Wow.

I was doing well to start; the bug would pop up when I put out a finger, then dive back under the plant stem when the camera moved in. Up-down-up-down-up-down, and then it stayed visible for the last few photos. Then its courage (or patience) finally broke and it flew away. Oops. And I'm the one who believes you shouldn't pester an animal beyond its tolerance limits. ::hanging head in shame:: I would have had to move the spider plant eventually, anyway, but still… Be safe wherever you landed, little one!

[Wanna know what it is? Me too, but it's not a pressing issue. I had assumed some kind of leaf hopper before acquiring so close a view. (Perhaps all leaf hoppers actually look like that?!) Must try to reach insect guide. (Bookshelves are a bit, um, inaccessible. Don't want to cause an avalanche trying to reach a bug guide. Assuming I actually have one; if I do, and I'm sure I must, it hasn't been used much lately so it isn't out in front where I can grab it easily.) A decent internet connection would suffice, but that's more out of reach at the moment than most of my field guides! :o) ]

UPDATE: Aha! Many thanks to TM in Vermont for doing a little web surfing for me, which led me to...: Oncometopia orbona.