Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I have been abandoned. Deserted! I found Big Fat Toad (The First) last week on the far end of my brick front walk, completely opposite from the deck, a good fifteen feet or more from where it had been residing. Okay, I thought, I still have Big Red. (BFT II, the toad which was inhabiting the pots on my deck bench, if it is the same toad, had turned a rustyish reddishy brown color as they sometimes do.)

Luckily I still had Big Red, because over the years of living with multiple and various kinds of critters, I do try to look first before doing things. I looked at the last second before I stuck a staked solar light into this pot the other morning...

Hello, what have we here?

Oh, it's you. [Alas, macro and auto-focus finally failed me. Now, if I had wanted the rootlet in focus...]

Then I chanced to glance out the door early this afternoon and what do I see??? Big Red heading off down the (now partially weeded *) front walk!

Ah, well, Big Fat Toad (The First) is still hanging out down there watching the sun go down (I kid you not), so I'm hoping Big Red likewise stays nearby. I miss having them on the deck, though. And, oh great, now I'll have to worry about running them over in the drive. Aaaargh!!!

* Yes, of course I left the goldenrod. It's not like it's coming up in the middle of the walk... You can tell that we desperately need rain, too. What will my little toads do out there where I don't water? ::sniff::