Tuesday, August 10, 2010


When last we saw her, BFTII (Big Red) was heading off into the wilds last Monday...

She was sent off with a goodbye and a farewell pat on the head.

Sunday morning.

One can't help but wonder what will happen if BFT (The First) and Big Red should chance to end up in the petunia pot on the same day… It's not all that big a pot.

Speaking of BFTI: After admonishing her to be careful when she trucked off quite purposefully down the walk straight to the driveway one afternoon sometime last week, I nearly stepped on her out in the drive's turn-around at 9pm last night. (Note to self: Do not come home or leave after dark; she's quick enough to jump out of my way, but the truck would be another matter entirely.) It will be interesting to see when/if she decides to come back to the deck.

One can't help but wonder if anyone has done a study on the territory requirements of a toad.