Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It was so hot once again today that it wasn't even comfortable simply sitting still in the shade on the front deck this afternoon. But as evidenced by all of my posts, the wildlife action was as hot as the temperature.

A young black snake (probably a racer because it is so round), a couple of feet long but still with barely visible hints of its baby pattern, leaving after coming in to the mud puddle for a drink. I only knew it was there in the first place because I had heard a frog's panicked splash as it approached. (The frogs seem to know Snap isn't a threat; a snake is another matter entirely.) I knew that by not taking the camera out in the heat I would risk missing a photo op…

This wee tiny frog, only about an inch long, was smart enough to wait until dark to come out (temps were still somewhere around 90° but at least the sun was down). I happened to glance up while picking up bowls from the cats' dinner and noticed a brown splotch on a plant just outside the window. I don't like using a flash, especially not when I'll be setting it off in some poor little critter's face, but because the sun had set I had no choice. It did, however, bring out the frog's pattern; it's a bit broken, but it sure looks like a Spring Peeper's "X" to me. Or should that be Summer Peeper?

I'm quite sorry that I didn't get a photo of the Gray Catbird who let me spray it with the hose so it could take a bath... Like I said, it was hot today.